The time between these photos doesn’t really matter to me. Probably about 5 years TBH.

What does matter, is what I remember from being the girl on the left. I was self conscious, didn’t believe in myself, spent a lot of days at happy hour having apps and cocktails just drowning out my actual feelings.

I got stuck in the hamster wheel of working out, eating right, skipping my workouts, went to happy hour, ate like shit, felt like shit, sleep, repeat.

It was mentally and physically EXHAUSTING. Why couldn’t I get my shit together? WHY wouldn’t I just stick with it?

I was afraid of pushing myself to my limit. I had the social fear of what my friends would think if I stopped going to happy hour. I was working 90 hour weeks at a physically demanding job and didn’t have time to work out. I didn’t have time to prep my meals. (true story: my most hours worked in a week was 104 with 16-18 hour days.)

I tried everything and enough was enough. I am here with open arms ready to walk with you step by step to teach you how you can lose weight, tone up, go to happy hour and get results at the same damn time. You’ll learn to be comfortable in your own skin, rock that dress you’ve been dying to wear again, and overall feel better about yourself.

What is 1 goal that would make you really happy to achieve in the next 12 weeks?



Coach Hannah

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