Unfortunately this isn’t uncommon. But the good news is that it’s figure-out-able! If you are just starting your journey (again) or for the first time, we tend to want instant gratification when it comes to seeing progress. And when we don’t have a six pack after one gym session, like seriously what the heck. 🤪

So my tips to staying positive and motivated in your progress are to:

1. Check yourself. How long has it been since you started? Are you giving yourself enough time to develop changes?

2. Look at your nutrition. If you don’t know what you’re eating, track it in a meal tracking app.

3. Take a photo! Compare it to your starting photo to notice side by side if you actually have made progress, you’re just not noticing it.

4. Love yourself and the journey! This isn’t a one-n-done type a thang. It’s an in-it-for-the-long-haul type a life! Enjoy every milestone.

Hope that helps! If you’re ever in the doubts, just remember, this too shall pass. Remain patient. You’ll get there!



Coach Hannah

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