COCO-Strawberry Smoothie

Don’t mind my super professional instagram story pic because in poor blogger form, I forgot to save the original picture…..woops!

Anyways, this is my coco-strawberry smoothie that honestly took my breath away when I had my first sip. No joke.

The ingredients are listed on the picture, but lets dive into the details of what kind, and how much, because those little details make all the difference in flavor and calories (:

i lied to you though...

So, before we dive into the macros and ingredients on this glass of heaven, I want to lay out some truth bombs.

Pointing out that I hash-tagged #KETO when really, this has too many carbs to be keto. I didn’t totally look at the nutrient facts on the cream of coconut before I made this smoothie (I’m a fitness fraud!!) and although I was a little bit bummed when I noticed the added sugar was basically all the carb count, I still had to share because it is still really that good.

If you do want a keto friendly smoothie, made just swap out the cream of coconut for either frozen chunks of coconut (Trader Joes has some.) Or maybe just some shredded unsweetened coconut you have in the pantry. OR better yet, if you have actual coconut flesh, scoop that ish out and toss it in the blender!!

If you want to make this smoothie more into a meal, add a scoop or two of your favorite protein! I am a fan of the Original Vital Proteins since it is unflavored, it mixes well in anything. A vanilla or strawberry protein might work too, but I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same tastebud experience I did!

don't skip this part!!

A game changer for me, was using fresh strawberries that were about to go bad, but I cut them up and put in the freezer. I’m always a fan of buying frozen, but lately the bags I have been getting seem super bitter. Like they just aren’t ripe enough before they package and freeze them. Plus, since the strawberries will be frozen they will act like ice cubes. You won’t need to add in ice if your berries are frozen. So, if you can, do this first!! 

ingredients & macros

  • 8oz GOYA coconut milk (I used reduced fat) : 1P, 2C, 6F
  • 1TBS cream of coconut (use sparingly! This does contain added sugar in the carb count.) : 0P, 11C, 2F
  • about 3/4cup fresh frozen strawberries : 1P, 6C, 0F
  • water to consistency – about 1/4 – 1/2c
  • 1TBS Hemp hearts : 5P, 1C, 7F
  • TOTAL CALS= 243 : 7P 20C 15F

In the bottom of the blender, start with your 8oz of coconut milk. Add in the cream of coconut and the strawberries. I used my Vitamix on frozen dessert mode, but any blender will do. I did have to add maybe about 1/4c of water to thin it out because of how thick it was. Add enough water to your desired consistency!


Enjoy! Share your smoothie selfie with me!


Coach Hannah

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