my 4 lessons in sucky situations

Honestly, this past month has really been the worst. You know when it’s just one thing after another? Yeah, that was pretty much my entire August lol. 

So I want to share with you what I learned in midst of all the struggle and down-right BS at times:

  • In most cases, I cannot control the outcome of something. So I’m learning to surrender to what “is.”
  • My reaction to emotional or stressful situations IS in my control.
  • It is much easier said than done to have positive emotions to really crappy situations lol, but it is good practice and does make me feel a little better.
  • When it’s just one thing after another, I found it very easy to get stuck in the trap of “everything sucks” mentality. And that makes me feel icky. So pulling out my phone in the middle of having that “everything sucks” feeling and typing out a list of 10 things I’m grateful for really helped a lot. Because there is so much to be thankful for everyday.

With all that being said, my focus is solely on me. My heart is open. Open to learn from my past and my mistakes. Open to accepting what I can’t change. Open to the new. Open to grow. Most importantly, open to love. 

To love myself a little more everyday. Love my God more in every way. Love life for what comes (or may not come) my way. My heart and mind are open and nothing can stop me anymore.

I am good enough. I am strong enough. I am worth it.

Repeat those words of affirmations. We all need a lil more kindness towards ourselves at times. Because? Well. We are worth it.


If you are going through a season of struggle, reply with a comment and tell me what you learned from that experience!



Coach Hannah

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      Thats great to hear! So happy to help

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      Thanks for the kind words. Have a good one!


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