Body Weight Anywhere Challenge *SOLD OUT*

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  • Challenge dates are Monday, August 19th to Monday, September 30th.
  • 6 weeks of full-body, body weight exercises.
  • HIIT-circuit-style focused to shred some body fat while toning out your muscles.
  • Facebook community group for accountability and support.
  • Weekly LIVE video check ins from Coach Hannah.
  • 1st place winner BUNDLE PRIZE (TBA)


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Have you been stuck knowing you need to make time for yourself, but don’t? Confused or just don’t know where time in your day is going? Do you not have accountability or structure to keep your workout routine consistent? Are you lacking the resources on HOW to stay committed to a workout program?

The Body Weight Anywhere Challenge is exactly your solution! In this challenge, we will be hitting full body exercises in the most FUN and exciting way possible. There will be 6 weeks of daily scheduled workouts using just your body weight that can be done, well, literally anywhere!

We will really dive into organization here. Getting you clear on your intentions and your schedule, so that YOU will get the most out of this challenge. To me, this is the most important part of the challenge. If you don’t have your schedule in order or prepared and planned, then it’s safe to say you aren’t making time for yourself the way you want to. This is most likely the reason you have always given up on a workout routine! The key is to NOT let that happen this time around! Give it 6 weeks to transform your life. Mind, body, and soul.