client testimonials

A word from a few of my clients:

  • “Working out with Hannah has helped me to build strength and be able to start to trust my body again after an injury. She’s kind, easy to be around, and is great at cheering you on when you need it. The results started rolling in super quickly and I can’t wait to see where we end up!”

    Candice Martin

  • “Some things I would say to someone thinking about doing the program, is to stay disciplined no matter what life throws at you. Take the challenge on and use the workout session as your “YOU” time. Focus on you, think about you, think about how you feel after the workout is completed.”

    jazmin guizar

  • “I think I am the same probably in the sense that I haven’t changed my diet to lean out a whole bunch and drop a bunch of lbs. BUT I know I am wayyyy better off today — I am so much stronger, I look better and more toned in clothes, my mental health is better, my knee pain is way better.  And, I know that when I am able to get pregnant again my body will be so much better equipped to handle it. I am so happy with this! At this point in my life these things matter more to me than being as thin as I was 10 yrs ago.”

    tina o'jibway

  • “My fitness journey started in my 30s. I’d always understood how nutrition effected my body, but up to this point had been in constant pursuit of “thin”, it never occurred to me I *should* want to be “strong and healthy”. Enter Hannah. Hannah is teaching me how to use weight, resistance, and intervals to achieve my fitness goals. Learning from her, watching her create plans that are tailored to my body and my goals, and seeing how inspired she gets by creating a solid game plan for me, gets me working that much harder. I never understood how people *liked* to exercise, but now I do! I’m in the best shape of my life and am so motivated to continue down this path, in large part due to Hannah’s support and tailored approach to helping me achieve my goals!”

    paige wheat

  • “I absolutely love working with Hannah!  I have two small kids and a demanding job, which made it really hard to get back in to a regular exercise routine.  Hannah challenges me every week with a dynamic new workout.  She has an amazing attitude and keeps me motivated, even when I want to quit.  I started to see results almost immediately, and I feel great!”

    tiffany matthews

  • “This is absolutely the strongest I’ve ever felt and my most consistent stretch of working out ever. It’s also the most enjoyable form of working out I’ve ever done, given that I previously dreaded anything involving being in a gym. Credit to that goes to Hannah for making the workouts ever-changing and interesting, and also to being able to do it with a buddy! And to anyone thinking about starting training with Hannah, I would say that this is one of the best forms of self care I’ve ever done — for both body and mind — and that no matter how miserable I am even at 6am, I always leave our workouts feeling awesome.”

    pooja viswanath

Do you have what it takes?

These ladies are the definition of hard working, dedication, and consistency. Many of them stepped into the gym using weights for their very FIRST time. With my help they are now gym regulars, transforming their body, rocking confidence and absolutely killing it with their workouts. These are just a handful of my beauty babes who I am very proud of.

My job is to create a program that works, fits the lifestyle of my client, and their goals but it has been THIER job to execute that. Part of that is showing up, being prepared, bring their all for a least one hour out of the day and putting in the work. If these ladies can do it, you can too!

What will your transformation look like?